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ibogaine counselling service

Why is getting therapy before and after ibogaine use so important?
Ask our pre-and-post treatment therapy partners Ibogaine Counselling Services...

“I was never addicted to one thing; I was addicted to filling a void within myself with things other than my own love”
– Yung Pueblo

Ibogaine Couselling Services (ICS) provides guidance to people undergoing ibogaine and other plant medicine treatments for addiction in order to ensure that their experience leads to a lasting recovery rather than just another detox.

Ibogaine is not a magic bullet for addiction, and relapse rates are high for those who do not approach their treatment with the appropriate intentionality and preparation. ICS helps people use ibogaine and other psychedelics as tools to become more connected and comfortable in who they are, thereby removing the need to self-medicate.
The process is therefore not about drugs per se. Rather, it’s about connecting to one’s authentic self and living a meaningful life – whatever that may be for each individual person – and, as a consequence, no longer feeling the compulsion to use drugs. 

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