Our Treatment Program

Our Vision

At Beginnings Ibogaine our vision is to provide affordable access to Ibogaine. This powerful entheogen is so far ahead of the curve and is destined to become one of the important medicines and tools In the recovery process. Specifically detoxification  and painless withdrawal from substances and even interrupting some addictive behaviors. Our staff is very caring and we feel called to work with this medicine !!  We want to make it affordable and available to as many as possible. Our clinic follows GITA guidelines in our treatment. GITA is the Global Ibogaine Therapy Alliance and dictates standards of care through research the best way to use Ibogaine in clinical settings.

Our Staff

Dr. Carlos Silva MD. IM., ACLS

Dr. Silva is the head of Internal medicine at General Hospital in Rosarito, Mexico. He’s renowned in his field. He has specialized In Ibogaine assisted detoxification near a decade now and has some 2,000 treatments to date in experience. He’s an artist in his dosing technique and caring for each person case by case.

Adria Luy PhD., ACLS

Adria is our staff psychologist and she is present through the entire process. She specializes in addictionology and recovery. She has a decade of experience and also educated in the field of neuropsychology.

Our Facility